Organizing Your Shelter

Covid-19 has upended our lives and it is hardest on our little ones. During these uncharted times I am trying to keep some sense of normalcy and security for my kids (and me!). These are the things I am doing to keep sanity in my nest.

Keep up on the clutter

As we are all stuck at home together it is so much healthier to be in an uncluttered environment. When my house is cluttered my head is cluttered. And physical clutter is something we can control right now. For more on how we suggest keeping up on clutter please visit our earlier blog posts:

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Use this time to teach kids how to help around the house

Feeling overwhelmed with more to cleanup with everyone at home?! I am using this time to teach my kids how to help around the house. Usually, we are so busy that it is easier for me to just do it. But I am slowing down and teaching my kids how to help me stay ahead of laundry, dusting, sweeping, etc.

Another way to organize your kids’ chores is to have each of their chores listed on a post-it note and have your kids pick two post-it notes a day to complete.

A messy schedule is clutter too

Build your daily schedule. Schedule a time for school work…maybe 10am – 12pm, and if the kids aren’t ready to stop let them continue. Schedule time for a walk or bike ride...walk by friends’ homes and say “Hi” from a distance – if you want to walk farther have your kids use a scooter, bike, or skates! Set up a regular time (maybe after lunch or right before dinner) for you and your kids to walk your nest to gather up things that have been left out and put each thing in its place.

Homework/Activity supply box

I have always kept a homework box to organize each of my kids’ school supplies but now that we are doing more involved projects at home it has been expanded. Usually, I recommend this type of container but any bin/caddy will do. The homework box includes everything the kids might need to complete their homework/projects – pencils, erasers, glue sticks, a pair of scissors, a ruler, etc. Recently I have also pulled out every page of colored paper, stickers, art supplies, etc. that we could possibly use for projects to keep the kids busy once the school assignments end.

Keep news consumption to a minimum

Typically, I am a news junkie! I love listening to different opinions and hearing it all hashed out on TV or the radio. But these are different times. To keep my sanity, I am listening only to get information. I listen in the morning to hear anything that developed overnight or in the evening to hear a recap of the day.

Give grace…

Give Grace to those in your home; we all grieve and respond to stress differently. Grace to the family who seems to have figured out how to make this season tolerable. Grace to the family who is lost. Grace to yourself. We are all doing the best we can to care for our nest!

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